Use of industrial waste and agri-food waste in a circular economy perspective

by Maurizia Seggiani and Patrizia Cinelli –  Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering

These are some research and development projects that have the implementation of processes as objectives at different scales
innovative treatment and abatement of volatile organic solvents (VOCs) from emissions of
leather painting booths, increasing removal efficiencies compared to those achieved
with traditional plants, designing a plant for the treatment of emissions into air and water
compliant with the Industry 4.0 paradigm and based on a product by district itself used as a sorbent,
with a view to circular economy.

Eco-expansed plant dedicated to the treatment of sewage sludge produced by the Aquarno Consortium
and part of the Fucecchio Tanners Consortium. The final product of the recovery treatment is
the Sintered Granulate (KEU) which, after mixing with calcium carbonate, is used for the production
of inert granulates for construction (HSC) and bituminous conglomerates (HCB) for asphalts.