What is sustainability for BCN Concerie?

Everything that allows the tannery to support others: people who live and work in the company for example, but also the rest of the world around us.
BCN sells luxury leathers, so the ultimate aim is to keep the products offered with the same quality as always, without forgetting to invest time and resources in reducing the environmental impact. 
BCN Concerie is a company and it produces finished leather for luxury fashion brands, which means challenging BCN’s technical knowledge to meet the aesthetic and performance demands of designers.
The tannery develops from the idea of recovering a waste of the food chain, so it already works with the mission to the circular economy.
The BCN’s attitude to circularity and sustainability arose spontaneously, posing only pragmatic questions that would improve processes.
Leaving the eyes of the experts in BCN Concerie to rest on every aspect of tanning production, we have come to consider the VOC abatement plant in the atmosphere.
Care of the sector is to remain within the limits imposed by current regulations, which allow to minimize the environmental impact. However, the issue of VOCs and PM2,5 and PM10 in the atmosphere remained open: identifying interventions that optimize the filtering system has become a great challenge.
During the period of the pandemic, some papers reported that improving air quality would allow greater chances of reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, directly linked to the rate of environmental pollution.
Thanks to the intervention of the Head of research and development Dr. Giacomo Pacchi and the President, Dr. Roberto Lupi, was born the need to involve other figures able to provide views and solutions to be integrated.