What Sustainability Means to IRIS

For IRIS, sustainability is not a secondary goal but the very foundation of a concrete corporate philosophy that guides all company ‘s operations and innovations. IRIS’s mission is to reconcile the demands of environmental sustainability with the need to remain competitive in the market, transforming environmental costs into business opportunities. Founded in 2012, IRIS is an Innovative SME that has established itself in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the circular economy, with a particular focus on laser and plasma applications.IRIS’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the design of plants for the recovery of wastewater and rainwater and in the development of advanced technologies for resource recovery from organic waste, thus contributing to reducing environmental impact. A significant example is the proprietary GreenPlasma technology, covered by 4 patents. GreenPlasma is a revolutionary process that uses high temperature and plasma to recover hydrogen and secondary raw materials, such as metals and other recyclable materials, reducing the need to extract new resources and limiting the environmental impact of extractive activities.

The thermochemical conversion treatment offered by GreenPlasma transforms waste into an immediately usable energy carrier and an inert solid fraction, reducing the volume of waste to zero.This approach not only allows IRIS to provide efficient and competitive plants and services but also offers tangible benefits to customers, such as reduced disposal costs and improved efficiency of their production processes. In the context of the Revoc4Life project, IRIS’s approach to sustainability is of crucial importance.

Revoc4Life is an initiative aimed at developing new solutions to reduce VOC emissions and to reuse recovered solvents. IRIS plays a key role in the consortium of participants, applying the principles of sustainability and technological innovation to create new opportunities for transferring the project’s results from the leather sector to other sectors such as woodworking and metal coating.With technologies like GreenPlasma and projects like Revoc4Life, IRIS continues to be at the forefront of sustainable technologies, significantly contributing to building a greener and more prosperous future for all.