Revoc4Life – Introduction

The tannery is an industry based on an objectively ancient process, which developed following the scientific and industrial revolutions, especially Western ones.
The names of the departments are the traditional ones of the house-tannery, precisely to maintain continuity with the historical value of this profession.
However, technology has borne fruit in production plants and in tanning and finishing methods, bringing great benefits to both the quality of the operators’ work and the environment as well as the quality of the product.

In BCN Tanneries all aspects of production are continuously monitored by the managers, since the approach to work management consists of producing with the least possible impact and with less waste of resources, with the fixed aim of obtaining fine leathers for luxury brands. , in compliance with their requests and their specifications.
BCN Tanneries intends to be sustainable from every point of view, since sustainability is a concrete attitude.

What are the direct impacts of the tannery? Waste water and VOC emissions into the atmosphere.
BCN Tanneries manages the discharges in accordance with the provisions of the Santa Croce District.

VOC and PM10 emissions, on the other hand, are a relatively managed problem respecting the limits imposed by law. BCN thought about how to solve the root problem: the innovative dust and VOC filtering system.

The system used today by plants, commonly called ‘Ecology’ in the tannery, is functional and suitable for the purpose, but can be made much more efficient.
For this reason, NCB’s intention was born to redesign and implement the entire system, which will be assembled and tested here, thanks also to research funding from the LIFE program of the European Union.

The LIFE program plans to provide the necessary resources to companies to face and solve the problems that each sector has within it: who better than the companies themselves can know what the real and concrete problems are to be solved?

BCN Tanneries is proud to have had the opportunity to work on a project that will allow the tannery to pursue its ethical and sustainable aims by improving its environmental performance.